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Letting Your Characters Do WTF They Like

You’re the author. You are the evil puppet master. You make your characters dance. You force the naughty buggers into the shape you want them.

 yeah right

Nice in theory, yeah. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Sometimes all the planning and intentions and promises fall over when the characters you’ve created don’t fit the box you had all ready for them.

I’m writing this from a fanfiction perspective specific to writing and posting serially, in which case you often don’t have the option to go back and retcon your character into the mold you require. For me, it applies whether I’m posting serially or not. My characters become living, breathing, real people to me, and I can no more force them to do what I want than I can my husband or my own children. Sure, I can control the situations they are put into (my characters, not my family) but I cannot control what they do once they get there.

Thing is, you’re not supposed to do this. You are the boss of your characters and they are supposed to do what you tell them. And yet, when I attempt to do this, it comes out forced, stilted, and I end up scrapping a chapter I’ve just written. And the more I force it, the more I end up scrapping.

I recently forced myself to ‘watch’ as a couple of 16 year olds went all the way when I was adamant that they should not be having sex at that point in their relationship. And then my jaw hit the floor when one of them had a quite moving and unexpected emotional reaction afterward. Yes, I’m the author. Yes, I choose every one of the words that make up those scenes. But I’m fucked if I’m going to not write what really happens.

Because when it comes down to it, that is what really happened.

It’s gotta be a good thing if your characters are that well realised and you know them well enough to know what they would and wouldn’t do in any given situation, right? If the story is so real to you, the author, that forcing it into an unreal form feels so incredibly wrong that you cannot abide what you’ve written if you haven’t listened to your characters, then I say listen to the bloody characters! What happens in your story might be politically incorrect, or it might be completely in contrast to your outline, or you might be breaking promises you made to your readers…

Fuck it. The story will be more real—more realistic—and better overall than if you tried to force a square peg into a round hole.

And there is my fuck-the-rules post, my NaNo blogging procrastination, and my explanation for a certain chapter I recently posted, all rolled into one Wednesday blog post :D Now, I’m off to break a few promises while I listen to my Deja Vu boys and let them show me how Chapter 6 is going to go down ;)


Fic Update: Déjà Vu

Chapter 4 was posted yesterday on FFn, and I’ve just added it to TwiWrite and AO3.

I’ve been handing out the wrong link for The Twifestivals for the last week or so. Oops. Click here to go direct to the voting form. I got a few nominations, and my Lost Boys Crazyward is up against venis-envy’s Edward from The Other Side of Night (the fic she wrote for my birthday <3) for Best Edward. You should go vote for your faves and support the writers who share their stories with you for nothing but love. Show your love :D

Recent updates: AMMD and Déjà Vu

I’ve started posting the extended chapters of A Madness Most Discreet (AH E/J – can you believe it??) that I wrote last year. So there’s two new chapters of this fic and at least 6 more coming (because they’re already written).

And I just now posted chapter 3 of Déjà Vu (the fic formerly known as Delusional, aka the vamp!Alec SSE AU).

That is all :)

Fic Update: Déjà Vu

I’ve just posted chapter 2 of the crazy mess that is my Say Something Else alternate universe fic where Alec comes back from the dead, all vampy :) This is the one that used to be called ‘Delusional’.

Clicky to read Chapter 2 of Déjà Vu on FanFiction.net/ArchiveOfOurOwn/TwiWrite