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Are You Planning to Continue?

I get reviews like this a lot. Probably because I write a lot of one shots and a lot of ambiguous endings or stories that don’t end with Happily Ever After. In most cases, I don’t continue and have no plans to continue. The reaction I tend to get when I state this fact is disappointment and more pleas to continue.

Who has the time? Not me. Nor do I, in most cases, have the inclination. When the story is done in my head, it’s done, and to pull it out again would mean forcing it, and that’s no fun. Fanfiction has to be fun, or why the hell am I doing it?

Obviously there’s people out there who do see that story going places, and I’m absolutely fine with them taking it places if they are so inclined. What I’m saying is, if you want to see it continue, write it yourself! You have a vision, do something with that vision!

All my fanfic is licensed with Creative Commons. You might have seen this or some variation of it on my fic wherever I post:

Creative Commons License
Fanfiction by vampireisthenewblack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

That up there means, among other things, that anyone can, provided they meet a few conditions, write fanfic of my fanfic. Without asking. Without getting permission. All you have to do is give credit, don’t pull-to-publish, and allow others to fanfic your fanfic of my fanfic ;)

So don’t ask me if I’m planning to continue. Ask yourself if you are ;) Give it a try.

For the record, this doesn’t just apply to one shots. Any of my fics are fair game. Even the unfinished ones. Anyone want to complete Beautiful Dangerous?


Slash list updated…

Finally! I’m slowly getting through the urls I hoarded all through November, I’ve still got a ton to look at, but since I’ve been slowly adding to the html file on my computer I thought I might as well update the list.

Canon/AU Slash List

As ever, send me links to canon and AU slash that isn’t on the list, I don’t care if it’s your fic or someone elses as long as it’s not all human!

And if you find any dead links, let me know so I can fix them!

Canon/AU fic list update

Added recently:

Misguided Angel (human Edward/vamp Jasper) by goldenmeadow, author of the epic Dead Confederates.

Fire in the Blood, a dark Sethward from the author of Once we were Kings, sweetp-1.

What have I been reading…

Well, a lot actually. Now this time last year, I’d probably read about ten real live paper books. I started Dracula late last year, and I’m still only about 3/4 of the way through. Pathetic, but, I did pick it up again tonight while soaking in the bath. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been reading it, with summer here, a hot bath is the last thing I wanna jump into. Can’t write in the bath, oh no, and can’t read fanfic or ebooks in the bath either. Real books will always have a place, and that is for bathtime reading.

So yeah, reading a lot of fanfic. Big epic things in my habit of picking up a fic when it’s complete or near completion. Goddamn I love DarkAbsynthe’s Story Master and Kindle for PC. So, what fanfic have I been reading just lately…

Well, let’s go back, shall we? For a start, a couple months ago I began the year by reading every single fic in the Slash Backslash One-Shot Contest. Goddamn there are some great fics there. I chucked the stand out ones in my FFn faves.

My favourite from that contest has to be This Mortal Life, which got extended and is now up to 20 chapters. This was the fic that had me squeeing with fangirly excitement whenever it updated and gushing profusely on twitter and PM stalking the author, hidingfromsomeone. It still tickles me that she’s mentioned my name in a couple authors notes due to my overenthusiastic reviews ;) Now normally I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at this fic because it contains an original character (shock horror), a prejudice I have left over from my BtVS fic days. TBH I’ve not seen many OC’s in twific but when I do, I really do tend to back away pretty quick. But god if I didn’t fall in love with Adam in the original one shot. And yeah, I was looking for some Jake slash at the time too, so I pushed past my bias and I’m so glad I did. TML consumed my life for a time, really.

Now sure, the fic has changed quite significantly in the last 4 chapters or so, it’s no longer wolfy slash, which means I don’t squee quite so loud when the alert comes in my email box, but reading the update is still the first thing I do :D I’m more of a happy-for-now than a happily-ever-after fan, which looks to be the way it’s going with TML, but, honestly, it’s nothing more than what the author promised in the original one shot. That’s follow through, and I respect that :D

And oh yeah… it’s hot as fuck.

Moving right along. The next fic I feel compelled to mention is Lessons Learned by mistyhaze420. This baby really did keep me up past 3am reading and put me completely out of action for 3 or 4 days. Just enough angst to keep me happy, and a really sweet yet somewhat gritty love story. Beautiful. And fucking huge O.O at close to 250k words and still going. So glad I didn’t look at that before I started, cos I’m sure it would have scared me the hell off it.

And then a couple days ago I finished Equal & Opposite by Oh Jasper My Jasper. Annngggssssttttyyyyyyyy! I fucking loved it. Not to spoil anything, not that anyone reads my shite, but I’m so fucking glad there is a companion piece: Errors & Omissions, which I have just started, and is still going at over 200k. I’m crossing my fingers for a HFN on that one.

Okay, theme? Fics over 100k have to be fuckawesome to keep my attention. There are like 4 fics of that length in my FFn faves, and 3 of them are mentioned above.

Another stand out in my faves, and at just over 80k, and big on my list because of the angst and dark and broodyness of it, is After the Storm by tjbaby. The setting is inspired, the characters somewhat unhinged and sick and I love it. There are some OC’s, but they don’t last long, which is perfect, and a couple have bitten the dust in disturbingly macabre fashion. Delicious. And still going. Currently at a very exciting point :) Now TJ is one of my two fucked-up-brain-twins, if that makes any sense at all to anyone other than me, her and venis-envy. Probably not. Anyway, I’m terribly honoured that TJ uses me as a muse on occasion, it’s like the highest honour ever. Just knowing that I inspire such sick-fuckery takes me to my happy place.

And my other not quite epic (epic in my wee brain means 100k+. I’m conservative and have a short attention span) yet fic that I leap on whenever it appears in my inbox is Learning to Live Again by gypsysue. Loads of angst and UST and tears and laughter and happiness in that wee sweetheart. And IMNSHO the best dry hump in the fandom.

Speaking of epic, that has to be the epic post. I was gonna talk about some of the ebook shorts I’ve been reading too, but that will have to wait for another day. I’m beat and have some nano-novel rewrites to transcribe O.O