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The Twilight No Stress Love Fest

Yeah, I know, I’m not supposed to be here. But by the time I get back off my little break, the fest will be coming to a close, so I thought I’d sneak back in and ramble about it a bit.

The Twilight No Stress Love Fest is the creation of Naelany and OnTheTurningAway,  and is a refreshing change from the abundance of contests the fandom always has going on. It’s not a contest, there are no judges or scoring, no voting, and no winners. It’s for writers AND artists, so everyone can get involved. For fics, the minimum word count is 500 words (yay!). Genre, pairing, rating, is all open. There are a ton of love/Valentine’s themed prompts to choose from or mix and match to create your submission. The fest is anonymous, and there will be a poll after the fics/images are posted where we can attempt to guess the author/artist.

Here’s the dates (blatantly swiped from the fest community):

January 9:  Announcement & prompts posted to the fest community.
February 10:  Submissions must be received 11:59 PM PDT.  Early submissions are welcome and appreciated!
February 14:  All submissions will be posted anonymously by the mods and made available for reading.  Enjoy!
February 28:  Guessing Poll opens.  Try to match your favorite fic/art with the author/artist.
March 7:  Last day for Guessing Poll.
March 10:  Reveals!

See I think this is a great idea. Not gonna lie, contests freak me the hell out, and it doesn’t matter if it’s anonymous or open. People are judging me O.O Now my dad would say ‘it’s just real life’. Bleugh. I write fanfiction for fun, and yeah, to ‘hone my art’ so to speak. But I’m more comfortable doing that in a non-judgy environment ;) Or, at least, in a non-public-judgy environment. I had a lot of fun doing the Make the Yuletwi’d Gay slash exhange, so I think I’m going to have to give this Valentine’s Day fest a go.

Gonna join me?


New Story: The Way of Virtue

Summary: Perhaps it is his outward youth that intrigues me, knowing the experience that resides within. Alec was over a thousand years old when I was born to my human life, yet I look at him and see a compellingly beautiful child. Carlisle/Alec. Slash. NC-17. Canon.

Warnings: Intergenerational sex (consensual).

A/N: This story was written months ago, originally for the Beyond the Pale contest. I wrote two stories, then picked one. The one that I entered was Fire, Blood, Truth. The reason I didn’t pick The Way of Virtue, was because I was concerned that Carlisle paired with Alec as I write him would be…too beyond the pale ;) Of course, in a couple of ways, this story is far less taboo than the other one.

Read it on FanFiction.net or TwiWrite.

I’m going to get a reputation for being a right perv, soon. Maybe I already have ;)

While I’m here, I have to pimp Numb, by afragilelittlehuman. She wrote it for me in the Make the Yuletwi’d Gay slashy fic exchange, and indulged my love of Alec, this time in his damn-close-to-canon vampire form. Oh, and Edward, too :D

New story: Firelight


Summary: The best traditions start with a memorable experience. I’d been a vampire only half a year when it happened, and I thought it would be just us, forever. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we expect. Edward/Carlisle. Canon. NC-17.

This story was written as prompted by Frenchbeanz aka MySlashyFriend in the Make the Yuletwi’d Gay slashy fic exchange. It’s a pre-Esme Edward/Carlisle story, set during the first Christmas Edward spent as a vampire, and shows how their intimate relationship began (because it so did happen).

This is my canon, and in the same canonverse as my other Edward/Carlisle one-shot, The Polar Opposites of Joy and Loss. Firelight is pre-Esme, Polar Opposites is post-Esme. Like Polar Opposites, I’m not ruling out a continuation, so alert the story (or author alert me!) if you’re interested.

Read Firelight on FanFiction.net or TwiWrite.

Make the Yuletwi’d Gay

The Make the Yuletwi’d Gay slash fic exchange stories got posted Christmas day (well, boxing day for me, for I am future-girl), and I cannot even put into words how excited I was about it. Both seeing the fic I wrote up there (nope, can’t tell you which is mine till 1st Jan), and the fic written from the prompt I gave.

Now I wish I could remember what my prompt was specifically. Something about Edward/Alec, canon or AU, stick to vamp canon religiously and don’t make Alec out to seem older than he was when he was turned :D

Or something.

Anyway, some lovely lovely person wrote Numb for me. I was so damn pleased, and I just cannot wait to find out who it was!

Funny thing is, by complete accident, Mothlights posted a very similar prompt to mine, so there is not only one, but two, very lovely Edward/Alec AU slash fics there! Her prompt resulted in A Very Different Gift.

Only a couple more days till we find out who wrote which! And, of course, I can’t wait to post mine on FFn, it’s been months and I have serious fic-postage withdrawals.

Nano: end of week 3

I suppose I should do a screen cap, and fire up the Gimp, and upload the pic, and stuff.

But I’m buggered! (<–that means tired. JSYK)

So, I’ll tell you that I’m at 81k or so, and my story is still a big old fricking mess. I reckon I’ll be lucky to get a 10k short story out of it, there is so much crap in there.

I either overwrite to death, or I am brief to the point of ridiculousness. In the words I wrote tonight (last night, technically, but it’s only just gone midnight), which was only about 2.5k, I cremated a king, created a god, and broke my POV character’s heart.

Yeah. Methinks there will be some fleshing out of that come December. Or January. Or June, when the createspace deadline is looming.

Oh! I should say, some truly inspired people have organised a slashy (boy and girl) christmas fic exchange, in which I both submitted a prompt (that got snaffled up pretty quick-YAY!), and grabbed one to write. I can’t tell whose I got or what I’m writing, but if you know me at all, I’m sure you can guess that I’m not writing AH :D Of course, neither did I request one, so I’m looking forward to having a couple more stories to add to the vampslash list come January.

Ooh, link would help! Make the Yuletwi’d Gay. Lot’s of prompts left to write, some scrummy alternate pairings sitting there for the taking! And leave a prompt, too :D