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Chapter 3 or Should I give up while I’m ahead? Or not ahead?

So I posted the third drabble in my wee series the other day, and I think I’m done with that little experiment. I’d like to take my E/C further, but I don’t think I can do it in 100 word instalments. Thinking about 500 or 1000 words at a time, cos I like the limit.

I like drabbles, but I don’t wanna overdo it here, and I think the 3rd chapter was kinda pushing it. Just my feeling. I need more space to say what I need to say, but really like the whole set wordcount thing… I think it makes me really think about what words need to be there, wasted words etc. And just being really spare while still (hopefully) being descriptive.

And yeah, I’m still really scared about fucking up Edward and Carlisle, cos IMNSHO that pairing is sacrosanct :D

Here’s the linky for the 3rd chapter of More.

I have to say, I’m completely chuffed with the reviews I’ve gotten for the series so far. I’m kinda obsessive, and worked it out, and there is like one review for every 25 words in the story PMSL! Ok, so not like it was hard to work out or anything, but whatever ;)


Drabble Series

A little over a week ago, a couple of burning questions hit me. What the fuck is a drabble (cos it sounds kinda icky), and also, why? What’s the point? I didn’t get drabble’s at all. Okay I knew they were a very short fic, but the knowledge that they were exactly 100 words, no more, no less, is relatively new information to me. But maybe what really bugged me about them was that the few I’d read had seemed stilted, incomplete, and more often than not reminded me of some kind of extended haiku.

So, I wiki’d that shit, trying to figure out what all the fuss is about. It’s here if you’re interested. Okay, so, it is supposed to be a proper story, beginning, middle, end. So I figured, if that’s not there, then no wonder I didn’t get the form.

I decided to write one, figuring I might ‘get it’, so I did, posted it to FFn last week and then wrote like a second chapter and posted that today. It’s a bit of quickie fun, and I’m exploring my Edward/Carlisle canon slash holy grail that I’ve never been able to write successfully before. Slowly and carefully ;) E/C is kinda my dream pairing, and I don’t want to fuck it up. It’s here.