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Camp NaNo

I totally just signed up for Camp NaNoWrimo. Wasn’t going to, but I’m kinda flopping around with very little writing motivation lately, only keeping my feet wet writing shortfic, and doing it in a vacuum.

I need something fresh, so I took the leap. So, now I’m looking at a mad snowflaking dash for the next two weeks, and then early mornings for the month of July. I do have both kids at school now, and I’ve set myself a 30k target, so technically it should be more doable than ever before, but I’m still feeling wicked apprehensive.

At least I actually get to do NaNo during winter as it was intended—never had that before.


NaNo ’12: Progress Report

One third of the way (time wise) through NaNoWriMo ’12 and I’ve almost hit the half way mark as far as word count goes. Might hit it tomorrow, might not. Hell, I could take a couple days off writing if I wanted to and still be on track.

Anyway. Had a bit of a rough start to NaNo this year. I got two days in and realised my POV was completely fucked and had to rewrite several scenes (while keeping the cut ones in my ‘shit-but-keep-for-word-count’ folder). Yesterday I realised my story was completely and utterly boring, and while my wordcount was rocketing along quite happily, I wasn’t actually saying anything.

If in doubt, add ninjas. So my fantasy world just got invaded. Not actually by ninjas in this case, but you get the picture. Now, my three boys have to somehow get out of the magically impenetrable castle I locked them in, AND THEN fight off the invading barbarian hordes.

And there’s gonna be some sex in there somewhere, too. Before fighting off the invading barbarian hordes. I have epic fuckloads to look forward to! I can’t wait!

Hubby expressed concern over my impending battle scenes. I think he’s under the impression I can’t write that sort of thing because I’m a girl. Pfft.

Oh, I procrastinated yesterday by watching several episodes of Teen Wolf and making cover art.

NaNoWriMo 2012

My fourth National Novel Writing Month is coming up fast. Until a couple weeks ago, I was pretty much resigned to the fact that it wasn’t going to happen this year–and that was a huge thing. Writing is a catharsis for me, I began my first NaNo only a month and a half after my mother died, and so in my mind, the post-mum era is also hugely tied up with my writing.

But for 6 months or so, I didn’t write a thing. Then I got dragged into signing up for Kink Bingo and at least attempted to write something.

That resulted in the infamous Harry/Draco butter!kink failure O.O You don’t even want to know, but it at least got me started. I won’t go into the other stuff I’ve begun and then abandoned, but finally I actually started, finished, edited and posted Painted Green, and while it was only 700 odd words and fairly meaningless, I finally fucking finished something! Epic reason for celebration after a 6 month complete block.

So I figured I could handle NaNo this year. God only knows if I’ll come out with something readable (I’ve done exactly nothing with my last two efforts), but I’ll be writing.

Still don’t know what I’m going to be writing for NaNo this year, because I know from previous experience that whatever I decide to do and tell the world I’m going to do, invariably changes at the last minute (several times, if I know me). I’ve already told venis-envy that I’m doing The Lucky Ones (an SSE AU that I started planning 2 years ago), but it’s looking like that isn’t going to happen yet again. Right now I’m writing what could be an epic Harry/Draco mpreg (gasp!) so I might just decide to continue that for NaNo (counting only the words I write during November of course).

There’s always the option to hit a random plot generator at 11.59pm on October the 31st :D

One thing I’m not doing is planning out the wazoo like I have done before. There is no big red book this year. I’m thinking about rereading all my previous NaNo posts though, see if I feel like doing any of that in the week and a bit I have left.

Find me on the NaNoWriMo site here.

NaNo ‘11: Subplots and Threads

As I write this, I’m laid low with the flu—actually 3/4 of my family is sick as a dog—so if it’s short and vague, I hope you’ll forgive me.

100_6323-1 I don’t usually use a lot of subplots. Mainly because I do write a lot of short fic and there isn’t room. But even some of my longer stuff isn’t terribly subplotty. There are… things… that I don’t find plotty enough to actually call ‘plot’—but they are something that runs through the story and needs to be kept track of.

I call them, along with any subplots, ‘threads’. I don’t know why. Perhaps because together they make up the fabric of the story?

Anyway, I keep track of this stuff so I don’t forget to introduce it, to reinforce it, and to wrap it up. Because my mind is sieve-like and I forget stuff ;)

These threads can be as simple as the fact that one of my characters is a smoker, or as complex a subplot as the romance blossoming in the background between a couple of the minor characters.

But I keep a list of this stuff (or in the case of Vital Depth II, which is extremely subplotty, paste an envelope into the big red book to hold notes on the subplots and threads) and use these to refer to when I’m planning out my chapters. These threads and subplots really do come into play when I’m drawing up my plot spreadsheet—which I’ll write about in another post.

While I’m here, just a reminder about The VampSlash Halloween Fest. No competition, just lots of lovely vampy & halloweeny fics. 100 words minimum, no maximum word count!

NaNo ’11: Beginning, Middle, and End

100_6323 With a lot of these planning things you feel like you’re repeating yourself. I don’t mind that. Every time I write down the same event it seems to make it stick in my mind better. And because I’m using different formats I often see something different, extra, that I hadn’t seen before (kinda like the other day with my hook and how impossible it was to write because there was something wrong with my idea).

Summarising the beginning, middle and end, is kinda what we do for a blurb or paragraph summary. I take a page in my big red book and put those three headings down the page. It’s a lot more informal than the blurb/paragraph, and I let myself make a mess (see image) if I want/need to. That’s why even tho it comes later in the big red book than the blurb does, I fill it in quite early. Hell, if I don’t have an ending yet, I leave it blank. It’ll come.

Something I’ve picked up along the way, and I’m not sure if it’s referred to in the snowflake method or not, is the three disasters that somehow correspond to ‘acts’. I don’t worry too much about acts—in fact at the moment I’m ignoring them completely in my planning. I think beginning, middle, and end pretty much covers it. What I do do, though, is three badnesses<—yep, that’s vamp-brain for you. I don’t think they have to be complete disasters. Depending on what you are writing, the depth of badness varies. Epic fantasy badness is going to be a lot more epic, for example, than romantic comedy badness.

I format my Beg, Mid, End page like so:






first badness:




second badness:



third badness:





I’ve got a special place to put my badness—because that’s what I’m going to be working towards in each part of my book.

First badness: at the end of the beginning

Second badness: in the middle of the middle

Third badness: at the beginning of the end

I love the way that sounds ;) And it really helps to know when all your build up scenes and reaction scenes are going to fit in around those big events. For some reason it makes the rest of what happens in the different parts of the book so much easier to get my head around when I have those big things planned.

I worry about breaking stuff up into chapters later (and I’ll post about that later on). Friday I’ll post about my subplots and how I wrangle them.

Nano: half-way

So, this is where I am today:

I almost flounced the other day. Thank god for venis-envy, who kicked my butt and made me cross the winners line with my original story rather than something else, which I was || close to doing.

Because then, of course, I actually started hating my story less. I’ve gone all non-linear, which I generally don’t do, but hey, whatever works. I’m currently writing the HEA epilogue before I’ve gotten the POV character out of the shit.

Oh yeah, I went and changed my POV character a couple thousand words ago, too. But it’s not like I wasn’t going to be rewriting most of the story anyway.

I hope to be finished with this story by the end of week three, then do either a short story or do some more on a half done novella I’ve been sitting on for months and months.

NaNo ’10 – end of week one

Check me out, seven days in:

Yeah, okay, so 90% of that is complete and utter shite (I’ve discovered, or had confirmed, that I am a pre-writer. I have to write a whole shit-ton of words before I actually get a handle on my characters and my story), but the last couple of k isn’t going straight in the trash at the end of November, so, yay!

And I found a title today. Double yay!