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Fic: Untitled Jakeward PWP

Just some hard drive detritus I stumbled across. I’m never going to do anything with it, it’s obviously something I scribbled down at some stage and forgot about. It’s unedited, but I know venis-envy would want to see it if no one else, so here ‘tis.

Seems like it could be something from the I Did That to Him universe.

Edward/Jacob, AU, <1400 words, and it’s graphic m/m sex. Continue reading

Fic: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no… It’s a HEA!

Queen of the lame blog post titles, yeah? Yeah. Anyway, now that SBS 2.0 is over, I decided to post up the drabbley HEA I wrote for my most ever reviewed one-shot (yes, most of those reviews are along the lines of ‘No! How could you?’ or ‘You have to extend it!’ etc).

Here’s the one-shot that was originally part of the Nashfic compilation: I Did That To Him. Read that first. Go on, do it. Then review ;)

And here’s the series of five drabbles that I wrote for gypsysue because she refused to read my Jakeward unless there was a HEA ;) Continue reading

Fic: Say It Again (sequel to SSE) tease.

A late birthday gift for Naelany (I was not very organised O.O), and due to discussion on twitter, a bit of a treat for @ArcadianMaggie and @slowpoke15hi5 and anyone else who’s interested.

Big fat disclaimer time. I am slowly working on the sequel. I actually only have around 6k of what I envision will be around 20-30k. Nothing will be posted till it’s complete (I’m writing all out of order anyway). It’s semi priority, but I’m not gonna stress myself over it. Also, while this scene is currently in the sequel file, it doesn’t mean it will end up in the final fic. I write a lot, and I outtake A LOT. Reminds me, I must pillage the original SSE file for any stray outtakes to share.

This is very much a first draft version, only very rudimentary edits done, and my tense is completely fucked. God only knows why I wrote it in present, when the rest of the fic is past.

This is (if you don’t figure it out by the fact that Alec seems alive and well) a dream sequence. Edward POV, as will be the entire story.

I had a vague sense of deja vu as I walked down the beach. The bonfire was bigger than I remembered, brighter, and it roared and spat and licked at the sky with a raging intensity.

I skirted the edge of it and sat down on the log that had been there before.

They were sitting on the sand only a few feet away, entwined in each other’s arms. Seth’s skin glowed golden in the flames, Alec seemed to reflect it.

Their kisses were slow, every now and then I would see a tiny hint of tongue as they used their lips to explore each others mouth, face, throat.

I’m sure they were both fully clothed when I sat down.

Hands explored naked chests, lips sucked at nipples, fingers tugged at the waistbands of jeans and palms rubbed over hard denim covered cocks.

When did Alec lay back in the sand?

He brought his legs up and wrapped them around Seth’s, pulling him closer. His fingers gripped Seth’s naked ass, urging him.They kissed as Seth’s big, hard cock slid into Alec’s tight, perfect ass and then they both made an identical sound, partway between a grunt and a moan.

They look so fucking beautiful together.

I watch with a calm and detached curiosity as my boyfriends make love on the sand by the light of the fading fire. I appreciate their beauty together, as they are joined, as they move rhythmically and symbiotically.

It’s difficult to see where one begins and the other ends.

Alec flings his head back in the sand, his lips parted as he comes with a guttural scream.

Seth buries his face in Alec’s shoulder and comes with a grunt and a hard thrust.

Oh fuck…fuck…oh god…

They lay still in the sand, wrapped in one another’s arms.

It’s hard to see.

They brush wet strands of hair from one another’s faces.

Where are they?

They share a tender kiss.

No…don’t go…please don’t leave me…

Sharing some outtook smut.

Well, yeah, so I’m writing this original fic, my secret project if you will (don’t get excited, it’s nothing majorly special, just a catharsis thingy that insisted on being written) and there I was, plugging away at Chapter 6 when I realised that that couldn’t happen, it was dumb and it had to go. So it’s been sitting on my hard drive for a week or so and it’s never going in the fic, so I figured I might as well post it as an outtake (in the true and 4realz sense of the word) ’cause to be honest it’s a juicy bit of porn.

So, it’s completely unedited, some possibly won’t make sense ’cause it’s out of context, and I’ve even left a name in there :p Here goes.

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Fic: Jello Wrestling

A drabble for the prompt I was given on twitter by @FrogQueen. This was originally just the first drabble, but overnight I kept dreaming of E & J all squirmy and smeared in green jello, and I just couldn’t let it go. So I woke up and wrote 4 more. Meh, they probably suck ass, but it’s out of my system now, so I’m good. By the way, this could likely have been done so much better as a one shot, but I don’t have the time or energy for it, so I’m gonna say that if anyone likes it and wants to give it a go… go for it!

Read it on Archive Of Our Own

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