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The SSE Alec Outtake: First Draft Completed

If you were on twitter last night (my last night) you’ll know I finished the first draft of the long promised Alec outtake. And I was very excited about that fact.

First drafts rarely end like that for me. I’m usually left with a sense of relief, but also a foreboding dread of the revision ahead of me. I ramble so much, I go off in weird-ass directions, write several different versions of the middle or the ending, and wind up having to stitch together some kind of logical narrative out of parts and pieces.

Okay, I do have parts and pieces of Alec. But for some reason I shifted those out of there when I realised I was getting off track, and the bit I have come out with is actually a logical narrative.

This never happens to me!

Also, I think the story is good. I think I did what I set out to do. I think it’s gonna get some ‘awwww’s. I wound up the final scene grinning from ear to ear as it slid seamlessly into what I already have in Say Something Else.


I need a title. I need to check SSE and make sure I have continuity between Edward’s version and Alec’s (no, there are no ‘scenes rewritten from alternate perspective’. Ick). I need to edit. It’s currently 6k+ (that’s one long outtake, for me. Hell, that’s a long one-shot for me), and I can imagine it may come down to around 5ish. That will be my goal, anyway.

Posting date for the Alec outtake is 19th February, my blogiversary and a year since I finished the first draft of Say Something Else. I’ll start to drop teasers probably a week out from there here on my blog, so if you haven’t already, add it to your feed reader or subscribe by email.


I think I can, I think I can…

A photo of a cup of coffee.

Insert Random Photo. Zemanta is cool, no?

Since I’m all about the lists and spreadsheets and crossing stuff off said lists lately I thought I should make a wee one of those in regards to all the fanfic stuff I HAVE to do and soon.

And I’m putting it here, cos here is a whole lot prettier more permanent than a torn and coffee stained piece of paper on my desk that will then get lost and/or thrown away :D

  • Yuletwi’d fic to revise/edit/get beta’d (deadline approaches *flail*)
  • Update the Canon/AU Slash List (I have a month long backlog of fics to review)
  • Alec POV SSE outtake that I promised to the reviewers who pushed me over the 500 threshhold
  • Probably should write some more Beautiful Dangerous…

Slowly but surely…

NaNo: Thank god it’s OVER!

Well that was a very different experience from last year. What a balls up! I picked the wrong story, didn’t give a shit about my characters, wrote utter shite…


There is a salvageable story in there, though in no way will it reflect the word count I reached.

So, filing that bastard till…I dunno. February or something.

But I’m left with a bit of a lost feeling. The urge is to write, because that’s what I’ve been doing for so long, but I feel like I need to take a break. I have my yuletwi’d exchange fic drafted already, and I have to revise that, and soon (Dec 20th deadline, and it’s freaking me out). Revision and editing is a whole other thing from writing, so that should be kinda good.

Then, at some stage soon, I have a certain promised Alec POV SSE outtake to complete :D And then I better dive back in to the mindfuck that is Beautiful Dangerous O.O


Outtake time again

Nope, not what you’re thinking. Nah, real outtake. As in, that sucks ass and it needs to get chucked.

I’m rewriting my nano novel… I don’t even wanna talk about it really ;) It’s late, and I’m sure I’ve done it before, but anyway, the first scene is going… basically for the reason that I’m rewriting in 1st person, and it was written in 3rd, but from a character that won’t have a POV in the new version. But, possibly because I’m a hoarder, and a documenter, I’m shoving it here.


Warmth first. The gentle warmth of the earth as it cradled her. The rich scent of the soil, and the sounds of the tiny creatures living there. Another sound, an intermittent muted roar that she could not register as familiar.

And there was something else. The thing that had awoken her. Feeling. Pain, sorrow, the deep emotion that had called to her. The one who had roused her was nearby, and following instinct alone, she moved to find that being.

She flexed her fingers, her toes, slowly stretching, lengthening her limbs as she unfurled her body from the foetal position. More sounds, the scraping of bone against bone, the soft tearing of decayed cloth.

Opening her eyes, she saw nothing. No light entered her cramped resting place, but she was not alarmed. She thrust one arm directly upward, pushing aside the crumbling shards of wood as she used her hands and feet to dig her way out. Bone crunched beneath her feet and she spared a thought for the man that she had slept beside for she knew not how many years. She could not recall a name, and it did not bother her. There was no feeling there, no emotion, no connection.

Lifting herself easily to the surface, she crawled out of the earth, her fingernails caked with filth and the rotted rags that was all that remained of her clothing falling in strips from her body.

Feeling pressure at her ribs, she poked her fingers through the remnants of fabric that still clung to her. One by one she drew the ancient whalebones out of their crumbling channels and dropped them back down into the narrow tunnel. And then her eyes rested on the large stone monument in front of her. There was the name she did not remember, but she did not linger on that. Only the last year listed. Eighteen Ninety Six. She remembered that. The year she had woken and then slept again, the two events only months apart.

She remembered, but she did not feel. She closed her eyes and let her senses drift, looking for the one who had woken her. All she could feel was that one, the one with the vital and strong emotion. She wanted to go, follow, but she had slept for so long. She lacked vitality.

For the first time she noticed her surroundings. Crumbling graves amongst trees, gently rolling earth and winding paths. She stepped out from under the trees that hung over her grave into an opening and gasped. So much light, garish light in bright colours, and attached to so many buildings, some very large, so tall that she wondered if those who had made them were not trying to reach heaven.

She drifted towards the light, and registered the confusing roaring again, getting louder as she moved closer to the edge of the trees. And then she stepped out from the cover of the trees and saw the source of the sound. More lights, shining out of large noisy machines moving past her at a great speed. She stepped backwards involuntarily, not afraid, but shocked. She wondered how long she had slept, that man had come so far. She wanted to explore, discover.

But she was hungry, and so let her instincts guide her.

There was a girl. Alone and far from the light that seemed so strange in the night.

Innocent human eyes widened in shock as she appeared before the girl, eyes ringed with black in a face whitened with powder. “Jeez,” said the girl, “what happened to you?”

Her fingers picked at the disintegrating fabric that barely covered her form as she appraised the clothing of the human girl. The garment reminded her of the days that men dwelt within stone walls, and she smiled in pleasure. She could feel the life emanating from the warm body, and she reached out for the life, the energy, murmuring words of comfort as she took it.

Yes, it sucks ass, hence gone. Yes, I’m aware whalebone in corsets isn’t the kind of stuff you can pull out, nor is it really bone. I knew this before I wrote it ;)

Sharing some outtook smut.

Well, yeah, so I’m writing this original fic, my secret project if you will (don’t get excited, it’s nothing majorly special, just a catharsis thingy that insisted on being written) and there I was, plugging away at Chapter 6 when I realised that that couldn’t happen, it was dumb and it had to go. So it’s been sitting on my hard drive for a week or so and it’s never going in the fic, so I figured I might as well post it as an outtake (in the true and 4realz sense of the word) ’cause to be honest it’s a juicy bit of porn.

So, it’s completely unedited, some possibly won’t make sense ’cause it’s out of context, and I’ve even left a name in there :p Here goes.

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Fics for Nashville

I’ve just signed up to write a Seth POV outtake from Say Something Else. Could be angsty, could be funny, could be smutty… dunno yet, though I do know exactly the scene I’m gonna do.

Always said I wasn’t going to do a SPOV, too.

So, once again, the steampunk will get pushed to one side for a bit LOL

Here’s where you find all the info on submitting a story or getting hold of these stories (and my outtake!). Fics for Nashville LiveJournal Community or info on the Twilight Awards site.