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Kink Bingo

Posting from my phone here. Lets hope this works :)

Alright! Months and freaking months since I posted here, haven’t written a word of fic in almost as long. Then a couple of ficsters who will definately not remain nameless (I’m looking at you, venis-envy and sapphirescribe) bullied me into signing up for Kink Bingo.

Ummm, yay?

Yep, I’m pretty much terrified.

Anyway, it’s done now, and it’s not too scary considering minimums are 500 words and I have close to a year to post them.

Anyway, here’s my card:


I hope to write in a couple of different fandoms as well as perhaps doing a little original fic, and I’ll be posting on my AO3 account.

Yeah. That is all :D


A Madness Most Discreet: Part 2

I’ve started writing part 2 :)

Thankfully, these boys haven’t abandoned me like the SSE boys did >.<

So, I’m most of the way through Chapter 1. I was going to write the entire thing and then edit and then post, but I’ve decided I’m going to post as I write and edit chapters. That’ll make for a longer break between updates, but I think I’ll get the entire thing out much quicker that way.

I am completely outlined through this leg of the story, so there’s no chance I’m gonna paint myself into a corner (my usual fear with posting incomplete stuff).

So, yeah, almost finished Chapter 1 and hoping to get that finished tonight :)

Don’t I Feel Sheepish?

Couple of days ago I blogged that i’d be writing more Little Alec for my blogoversary.


Um, yeah. Nah. Not gonna do that. I swear I tried, I really did. But I got three pages into a mediocre blow job before I admitted to myself that the SSE boys just aren’t speaking to me anymore :(

Being perfectly honest, the final chapter of Deja Vu was painful for me to write :( Thank god it’s finished now though, huh? (The final chapter and epilogue are still unposted)

So right now, I don’t have any plans for my 2nd anniversary *cries* Feel free to lodge ideas. I need some inspiration.

Another Blogiversary Coming Up


Whoa, but that year went fast (just like the previous). 19th February it’ll be two years since I started this blog and two years since I finished the first draft of Say Something Else. Last year, for the occasion, I posted Little Alec, an SSE extra, and this year I’m going to add to it.

I have nothing written yet, I’ll be starting either tonight or tomorrow, I’m allowing myself up to 10k for this installment which could take me a week or more to write… Okay, I’ll stop. I’m just gonna freak myself out :) i get nervous when I have little more than a month to write even something shortish like this. But I adore Alec and Edward, I feel like I know them well, and I’ve been wanting to write this second chapter since I posted the first.

So, yeah. Watch this space :)

Why I’ll Never Pull My Fic

Pull: to remove one’s own fanfiction stories from fanfiction archives for any reason.

Pull2Pub: to remove one’s own fanfiction stories from fanfiction archives with the intent to commercially publish said stories.

I just want to say it, because it seems to be the assumption that an author will pull his or her fic at some point.

I will never pull my fic.

I’ll never Pull2Pub for many reasons:

I think it’s wrong to profit from someone else’s intellectual property unless permission is expressly given, and when Steph allowed fanfiction to be written using her world and her characters, she wasn’t giving us permission to make money off it. Even with the names changed I have no right to call those characters ‘mine’. I might be ridiculously attached to a few of them, SSE Alec for example, but that doesn’t make him belong to me. Alec still belongs to Steph, even if he’s called Bob or Steve or JohnCarlisle ;)

My stories simply aren’t popular enough. In fact, according to one blog, I’m a ‘newbie’ in this fandom simply because I have no stories with reviews over 1k, regardless of the fact that I’ve been here and involved for over 2 years and have 28 Twilight fanfiction stories to my name. Sigh.

Most of my stuff is too canon and when it’s not it’s far to risqué for any publisher to touch, even the faux-publishers.

I’m too lazy to retcon my stories into true original fiction. I may as well use the energy to write a new story.

Most fics aren’t pulled to publish though.

There’s an argument for the possibility of fandom/Real Life crossover, which is admittedly scary. But when archives exist like Archive of Our Own where you can ‘orphan’ (remove all author information while still leaving the story online) your fics, it becomes unnecessary.

Fear of fic being yanked from FanFiction.net for Terms of Service violations—archive it elsewhere (and this is what I’ve seen usually happen).

Leaving fandom—When I eventually flounce (quietly, more of a fade, really, if anything), I’ll leave my fics up on both FFn and AO3. Considering the content of most of my fic, I think the safest place will be AO3 when I’m gone because it doesn’t have the restriction on MA/NC-17 fics that FFn does.

I put a shitload of hours into my writing. Why on earth, when it’s been up for so long and well received, would I want to pull it and keep it in a dusty old file on my computer that could crash and burn at any moment, never to be seen again?

I treasure every review that I get. No way would I devalue those by yanking the fics they were given for.

File Sharing

I’m aware that there are google docs and file share repositories where pdf’d fic is held when a fic has been pulled2pub or just pulled, and fic is getting archived just on the possibility that it might get pulled. Personally, I think this is fantastic in the case of Pull2Pub because charging for fanfic is bad, m’kay? I doubt very much that any of my fic is archived at these sites (see above re: I’m just a ‘newbie’ in this fandom), but I really don’t want to see it end up there. No, I don’t have any right to Stephs characters but I did write that shit, you know? I want my penname on it. I want a link to my FFn or AO3 profile on it. When people are copy pasting and making pdfs there’s no guarantee that my name will even be on it, let alone a link to where readers could find more of my stuff. I’ll never pull my shit so it’s not necessary to make pdf’s of it. If you want to read offline or on an ereader AO3 has download links in all the major ebook formats AND it has all those links and authors notes and shit embedded within. I’m quite happy for these files to be file shared or archived.

The Future

Ten years from now, will people still be into twific? It’s possible. I’m reading BtVS fic from 5, sometimes 10 years ago. Think about the future though. In ten years, will I still be watching my hits and review counts on the fic I’ve written over the last 2 years? Maybe, maybe not, but if there is still demand for twific in ten years, those of us that leave our shit online will be laughing while the ‘BNA’s’ of today will be long forgotten.

Oh. I’ve heard some anti-pull2pubbers say things like ‘when an author says they’ll never pull, I’ll start counting the days until they do it’. Feel free to start counting. See you in ten years or so. Twenty. Keep track ;)

Are You Planning to Continue?

I get reviews like this a lot. Probably because I write a lot of one shots and a lot of ambiguous endings or stories that don’t end with Happily Ever After. In most cases, I don’t continue and have no plans to continue. The reaction I tend to get when I state this fact is disappointment and more pleas to continue.

Who has the time? Not me. Nor do I, in most cases, have the inclination. When the story is done in my head, it’s done, and to pull it out again would mean forcing it, and that’s no fun. Fanfiction has to be fun, or why the hell am I doing it?

Obviously there’s people out there who do see that story going places, and I’m absolutely fine with them taking it places if they are so inclined. What I’m saying is, if you want to see it continue, write it yourself! You have a vision, do something with that vision!

All my fanfic is licensed with Creative Commons. You might have seen this or some variation of it on my fic wherever I post:

Creative Commons License
Fanfiction by vampireisthenewblack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

That up there means, among other things, that anyone can, provided they meet a few conditions, write fanfic of my fanfic. Without asking. Without getting permission. All you have to do is give credit, don’t pull-to-publish, and allow others to fanfic your fanfic of my fanfic ;)

So don’t ask me if I’m planning to continue. Ask yourself if you are ;) Give it a try.

For the record, this doesn’t just apply to one shots. Any of my fics are fair game. Even the unfinished ones. Anyone want to complete Beautiful Dangerous?

Procrastination in the form of H/D Holidays

So I’m supposed to be immersed in rewrites and edits for the two twikinkfest fics I claimed prompts for and which are due in only 8 days… but… Yeah. I’m not. Instead, I’m working my way through the H/D Holidays fics that have been posted so far.

I’m not a terribly fast reader, but I’ve been devouring around one story per day since about the second? day of posting. They’re all good. Really good. The calibre of writing that the HP fandom is capable of continues to astound me, and when I read the hols fics last year they were all really really good too. This is one fest that brings out the quality, I think (from the perspective of someone who just kind of dithers around on the edge of HP fandom without actually being part of it).

Anyway, so far my two favourites are Humbug (A Christmas Tale) and Party of Two, if you’re looking for somewhere to start (if you’re not already buried in hols fics).

I have to say, I’m really loving the Chrome extension Kindle It, the Aldiko app on my phone, and dropbox for piss-easy getting the fic on my phone so I can read it when and where and how I want. Just saying :D