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I’m Back

A little earlier than I’d planned, but at least one of the things I took the time off to do is close to being complete. That would be writing related (I’m entering an original fiction contest). The other thing, the RL thing, I am complete fail at, but that’s nothing unusual!

So I came back to a ton of reviews to reply to, still slowly getting through them, and a couple of rec’s scattered around the place :D

Indie Fic Pimp featured Say Something Else, tweeted it all over the show, and yeah, it was a ‘writer submission’ (go the self-pimpage) but Einfach Mich (I adored her already, this just makes me love her more) wrote a marvellous review for it.

hidingfromsomeone had her turn at Guest Author Rec’ing at Twislash Unveiled, and very kindly mentioned Say Something Else.

Dead Battery was reviewed at TwiWrite Headquarters by Girlnorth (brace your eyeballs for the fist pic featured and just keep scrolling—it gets better!)

And last, but by no means least, both Firelight and The Way of Virtue were featured in the Lemon Report on The Perv Pack’s Smut Shack. Oh boy, this made me squee so loud! Thank you Chele and Jen for reviewing two of the fics closest to my heart (especially considering one of them I expected flames for, not recc’s!)

I should go away more often, huh? ;)


Canon/AU fic list update

Added recently:

Misguided Angel (human Edward/vamp Jasper) by goldenmeadow, author of the epic Dead Confederates.

Fire in the Blood, a dark Sethward from the author of Once we were Kings, sweetp-1.

Slash list update

I’ve just updated the canon/AU slash list with a vamp/vamp and a wolf/wolf story by the same author, Agarwaenloth. Darkest Night is an Edward/Jasper story, and Burning Fire is a Sam/Jacob story. Both are set in the same universe, and are very nicely written.

Leave some love, these are both under-the-radar stories, and deserve so many more reviews.

Vamp and wolf slash wanted.

I’m making a list of good canon and AU vamp and wolf slash fics. I’ve plundered my faves list, but I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve missed.

Here’s what I have so far. If you know of something that’s not on there, even if it’s your own, please tweet or gchat or email or comment me a link :D