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The Femoral Artery

This consists of my Beautiful Dangerous research for this evening…


The Curse of Steampunksper

Don’t know what steampunk is? Wikipedia entry on Steampunk.

So, it was a month or so ago that this incarnation of Jasper burst into my brain, took hold, and refused to let go. I mean, come on, Jasper as a Victorian era tinkerer weirdo eccentric dude? Hot!

So, I started brainstorming, and that was fun for a few days, until I admitted the fact that while I love the idea of steampunk, the aesthetic, the Victorian setting, the inherent cheese factor of it all… I knew pretty much nothing about the literary genre.

And so I gave up on that idea.

But, of course, my head was still firmly stuck in the Victorian era, and so Steampunksper became Paintsper. My as yet unnamed Victorian era E/J fic is currently over half written. But… it’s on hold because a couple days ago Steampunksper reared his ugly head again.

So, (and yes, I’ve just realised I start an awful lot of sentences with ‘So,’ but I don’t care, this is my blog :p ) I started doing actual research. Looking for steampunk fic to read, trawling google images for inspiration for gadgets and stuff I could use in my fic that would make it actual steampunk rather than just Victorian cheese… Hoping also to find some m/m steampunk erotica, cos, well, I’m a perv. Didn’t find any **pout**

That’s what found me at the site of an erotica publisher, at a call for submissions for a m/m steampunk erotica anthology. And I went… huh.

Okay, so I know a lot of fanfic writers have no interest in being paid for their writing, but I can’t say it’s not an intriguing concept. You know?

I’m officially working towards my first ever rejection ;) I figure it’ll be like a rite of passage thing, yeah?

So, (there it is again **neener**) Steampunksper has bitten the dust once again while I work on an original steampunk m/m erotic short story.

And I am still steampunk challenged. Trying to rectify that with a crash course in steampunk literature, including all the porn I can find (and yes, that means het, cos the closest to m/m I’ve been able to find was a MFM threesome that didn’t even have any buttsecks! Gah!).

Wish me luck. I’ll fucking need it!

What did they use to… you know?

I’ve been researching for my Victorian E/J fic.

Guess what they’re gonna use that for ;)