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Don’t I Feel Sheepish?

Couple of days ago I blogged that i’d be writing more Little Alec for my blogoversary.


Um, yeah. Nah. Not gonna do that. I swear I tried, I really did. But I got three pages into a mediocre blow job before I admitted to myself that the SSE boys just aren’t speaking to me anymore :(

Being perfectly honest, the final chapter of Deja Vu was painful for me to write :( Thank god it’s finished now though, huh? (The final chapter and epilogue are still unposted)

So right now, I don’t have any plans for my 2nd anniversary *cries* Feel free to lodge ideas. I need some inspiration.


Another Blogiversary Coming Up


Whoa, but that year went fast (just like the previous). 19th February it’ll be two years since I started this blog and two years since I finished the first draft of Say Something Else. Last year, for the occasion, I posted Little Alec, an SSE extra, and this year I’m going to add to it.

I have nothing written yet, I’ll be starting either tonight or tomorrow, I’m allowing myself up to 10k for this installment which could take me a week or more to write… Okay, I’ll stop. I’m just gonna freak myself out :) i get nervous when I have little more than a month to write even something shortish like this. But I adore Alec and Edward, I feel like I know them well, and I’ve been wanting to write this second chapter since I posted the first.

So, yeah. Watch this space :)

New Story: Little Alec (SSE extra)

Summary: A Say Something Else extra: Looking back, Edward described their first night together as ‘hot sex and then pancakes for breakfast’. This is Alec’s account. AH, Slash, NC-17.

Originally promised while begging for reviews to take SSE over 500 (yes, I’m very embarrassed!), finally completed in honour of the SSE anniversary and my blogiversary, these are the missing scenes from the night Edward and Alec met. It’s chock full of smut and sweetness.

Read it on FanFiction.net and TwiWrite.

Tease: Little Alec – the Say Something Else Extra

Why the hell do we of the twifandom call them outtakes? They aren’t outtakes? They’re extras, dammit! Well, mine are, cos when I shifted all my stuff from the crappy old desktop to my nifty wee netbook, somehow I disposed of the real cut scenes from Say Something Else. Bugger it. Oh well, they were crap, anyway. Did you know that I had no idea what was going on in Edward’s mind at the end of Chapter 11 until I actually tried to write the Edward/Seth sex scene?

OMG it was awful. Painful. It tore me up inside.

That, of course, is how we ended up with the Edward/Alec flashback smack bang in the middle of Chapter 11. That, by contrast, just wrote itself.

Have you re-read Say Something Else yet? You should. It’s not just me saying that. dellaterra re-read it before she beta’d the extra for me and she advised me to tell you to do the same. She says (and I hope she won’t hate me for sharing her words):

…re-read SSE … if they want to be destroyed (and I say that in a good way) by the emotional impact of what those beautiful boys realized they had…

There you have it. I do almost anything she tells me to do, so you should, too ;)

Little Alec will be posted on the 19th of February. Technically, it should be my 19th, which is tomorrow, because it was my 19th when I finished the first draft of SSE and made my first blog post here. It might, however, be the 19th in the US when it’s posted. Just got a few more edits to do, but my brain is fried and I might leave them till I’m all fresh tomorrow. Don’t know. Or I might just want to torture you all.

So it’s SSE’s birthday and my blogiversary, and, I did kinda also maybe promise an Alec extra way back when I was whoring for reviews to get SSE over the 500 review milestone. That was months ago. Woops. I suck.

Woefully unreliable, is me :) And disorganised. I don’t have a summary for it yet…

I promised a tease, huh? All right then, here goes *switches windows, rummaging for something interesting*

He stared at me a long time. Told me I was beautiful, and I blushed, of course. Then he kissed me.

It wasn’t like the kiss at the pub. That was hello, nice to meet you, hit you right in the chest and make your heart ache for the possibilities.

It wasn’t like the ones on the street, either. They’d been fun kisses, the sort where you’re laughing into each other’s mouths.

It wasn’t like the one right outside his door, sweet and slow and sexy.

It started sweet and wondrous, and he smiled against my lips, then slow and sexy for a moment or two, but it quickly went out the other side. Now he had his teeth locked around my piercing and was hanging on as if he never intended to let go.

It was fucking hot.

With my tongue trapped between his teeth, I couldn’t help moaning as he tugged on the barbell. The pressure was insane.

I’m not a distrustful person. I’ll give anyone a go, and if they screw me over then I’ll worry about whether I’ll do it again. I never needed to know for sure. I didn’t know Edward at all, but I think I would have done anything for him, and it had nothing to do with the fact that he had one of the most vulnerable parts of me trapped firmly between his teeth.

Flicking his tongue over the lower ball, he moaned into my mouth. His hands came down around the back of my neck, and he pushed his hips hard against mine and began to move. Beneath my closed eyelids, my eyes rolled back as he lined his cock up perfectly with mine and thrust against me. He did it again, releasing my tongue as he got a rhythm going, breathing hard, exhaling on each thrust with the softest, almost imperceptible grunt.

The sounds he made were so much sexier than mine. I was letting out a little squeak every time his hard cock rubbed the length of mine.

He pulled back. Those pretty green eyes were all glittery, his mouth was open, his chest was heaving and he dragged his hands down the door and wrapped them around the back of my neck before he kissed me again. This one was hunger and need and heavy and devouring, lips and teeth pinching, biting, sucking.

And all the time he rocked his hips against mine. If he kept doing it, I was gonna come in my jeans.

That was a bit scary! Yes, I suffer from posting anxiety. It’ll be worse on the 19th, I’ll tell you that.

The extra is 7k, just in case you thought you got a quarter of it right there in that tease ;) You know, based on my usual word counts (and the SSE chapter lengths).

Okay. I’m gonna go now. *shifty eyes* Thanks for listening :D

The SSE Alec Outtake: First Draft Completed

If you were on twitter last night (my last night) you’ll know I finished the first draft of the long promised Alec outtake. And I was very excited about that fact.

First drafts rarely end like that for me. I’m usually left with a sense of relief, but also a foreboding dread of the revision ahead of me. I ramble so much, I go off in weird-ass directions, write several different versions of the middle or the ending, and wind up having to stitch together some kind of logical narrative out of parts and pieces.

Okay, I do have parts and pieces of Alec. But for some reason I shifted those out of there when I realised I was getting off track, and the bit I have come out with is actually a logical narrative.

This never happens to me!

Also, I think the story is good. I think I did what I set out to do. I think it’s gonna get some ‘awwww’s. I wound up the final scene grinning from ear to ear as it slid seamlessly into what I already have in Say Something Else.


I need a title. I need to check SSE and make sure I have continuity between Edward’s version and Alec’s (no, there are no ‘scenes rewritten from alternate perspective’. Ick). I need to edit. It’s currently 6k+ (that’s one long outtake, for me. Hell, that’s a long one-shot for me), and I can imagine it may come down to around 5ish. That will be my goal, anyway.

Posting date for the Alec outtake is 19th February, my blogiversary and a year since I finished the first draft of Say Something Else. I’ll start to drop teasers probably a week out from there here on my blog, so if you haven’t already, add it to your feed reader or subscribe by email.

I have a Blogiversary coming up

one year

Image by happy via via Flickr

On the 19th of February it will be exactly one year since I made my first post here. Not so coincidentally, it’s also a year to the day since I finished the first draft of Say Something Else.

Happy Birthday to me SSE!

To celebrate, I’m going to finally finish that Alec one shot I promised (and never delivered) several months ago when I begged on twitter for reviews to take SSE over the 500 mark.


This outtake is the missing bit from the night Edward and Alec met…yep, the sex! It’s not all sex, but, um, yeah, there’s going to be a lot of it. I adore Alec, and I adore Alec and Edward, so I have astronomical hopes for this little part of the story. I’m hoping I’ll at least reach the treetops with it, and not disappoint anyone.

I’m planning to drop teasers for it on the days leading up to my blogiversary, so subscribe over there –> so you don’t miss them.

I’m going to (deadlines are good for me) post it 19th February!

I’m Back

A little earlier than I’d planned, but at least one of the things I took the time off to do is close to being complete. That would be writing related (I’m entering an original fiction contest). The other thing, the RL thing, I am complete fail at, but that’s nothing unusual!

So I came back to a ton of reviews to reply to, still slowly getting through them, and a couple of rec’s scattered around the place :D

Indie Fic Pimp featured Say Something Else, tweeted it all over the show, and yeah, it was a ‘writer submission’ (go the self-pimpage) but Einfach Mich (I adored her already, this just makes me love her more) wrote a marvellous review for it.

hidingfromsomeone had her turn at Guest Author Rec’ing at Twislash Unveiled, and very kindly mentioned Say Something Else.

Dead Battery was reviewed at TwiWrite Headquarters by Girlnorth (brace your eyeballs for the fist pic featured and just keep scrolling—it gets better!)

And last, but by no means least, both Firelight and The Way of Virtue were featured in the Lemon Report on The Perv Pack’s Smut Shack. Oh boy, this made me squee so loud! Thank you Chele and Jen for reviewing two of the fics closest to my heart (especially considering one of them I expected flames for, not recc’s!)

I should go away more often, huh? ;)