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Holy Crap

Two months since I last posted, and a bunch of stuff’s happened. Okay, now’s the time for the epic catch up post and then I’ll be back on track…with any luck.

Fic I’ve posted in the last two months:

The fic formerly known as Delusional (I’m changing the name, but what to I haven’t decided yet. I’ll make that decision when I complete it)
Alec is back! AU SSEverse bday request for Seren. ‘For a moment, he’s there, and he’s real, and it’s him. I see it in the way he stands, the way his hair curls behind his ears. He’s more beautiful than my memory or an image on paper can do justice.’ Slash

Lost Boys (my CarlWard entry)
My perfect memory does him no justice. Edward is more beautiful than I remember, but he seems almost wild, in the manner the nomadic vampires often have. "I can’t bear it any longer," he whispers. "Their minds are full of depravity. It infects me." Slash.

Summary: Three under 500 word ficlets first posted in the Quickie Contest. A couple of old things I scavenged from my hard drive and one I wrote especially for the contest.

And I added an extra/chapter 2 to Sober, my first ever slash fic (and OMFG AH E/J).

In other news, along with venis-envy, mynameisserendipity, and sapphirescribe, I started the VampSlash blog and contest. This is wicked scary, ‘cause I’m THE most unorganised person on the planet, but thankfully the other girls haven’t tossed me out on my ass for being a slacker yet.

And what am I doing right now? Well, I’m writing a little thing for the summer edition of the Twilight No Stress Love Fest. Once that’s done I’ll be diving right back into (the fic formerly known as) Delusional.

I’ll try to be a better blogger from now on, I promise…


Dear god, I kinda finished something…

Even if it is just one lonely chapter. Yep, the very flawed first draft of Sober Chapter 2 is kinda complete. More or less. I have a little fleshing out of one scene, and some serious first edits of that same scene to do, and then it’ll be ‘file it away for a week or two’ time.

Yay! ‘Cause I thought it wasn’t gonna happen for a while there, after the first trash and rewrite, and then the complete block I had right when I needed to write the sex scene. But I employed the NaNo philosophy of ‘just write shit’ and wrote shit, and eventually it began to flow. Thank fuck for that.

So, yeah, I now have a pile of shit to sort out, complete with lemony goodness crap.

Hmm. Lemon isn’t a term I use often, though everyone else seems to. Perhaps because my first foray into the fanfiction world was before that term was used, or at least I never saw it. Back in the not-quite-mists of time. Oops. Tangent.

So, I’ll clean this up a mite, make sure I’m making the points I wanna make, then file it away and not look at it for a week or two, before I pick it up again. And pick at it again.

Seems like such a long time that I actually finished anything. The pitfalls of writing too many things at once. If I can finish this one chapter, I reckon, maybe it’ll get me on some kind of roll.

Bit of trivial proof of progress, I suppose. If anyone cares ;) Questions? Comments? Bueller? Bueller?

Don’t expect regular updates.

I’ve been extending Sober. I had the original plan to write another couple chapters which cover and complete an arc, but, of course, once I started writing, I came to realise that this won’t be a quicky-over-and-done-with-back-to-happy-happy-joy-joy event for Edward and Jasper. And I really cannot commit to another novella length fic when I already have 2 that are pretty much a priority for me.

And yet, I can’t just file away the chapter and a half I have written in the last several days, because I know I won’t go back to it. I wanna do something with it, deal with it, put it out there, and have it to go back to next time I need a distraction.

I’m about to break my cardinal rule of fanfic posting.

Which is, of course, to complete a story, and revise to ready-to-beta standards before posting any of it. I have huge continuity issues when I write, because I don’t outline (I brainstorm and get the story semi straight in my head, but generally my ending comes when I’m past the halfway mark), and then I have to go back once the story is complete to revise so everything makes sense.

Sober is gonna be my between (or in the middle of) projects project. I have far too many things on the go right now. The Victorian (Paintsper) which will be novella length and I intend to finish before posting any of it, like I did with Say Something Else. My original steampunk, which was doing my head in and so was the reason I picked up Sober again in the first place and which I really need to get back to if anything is to come of it. I have to get Say Something Else ready for printing (don’t get excited or panic, I’m not de-fanficing it with plans to self-publish, neither will I be pulling it. SSE is fanfic and will remain fanfic. I am merely using my freebie Createspace proof from NaNo cos my NaNo novel is in no way ready to be printed). And I also have Bloodward, though that’s likely to be a kind of side project as well.

So yeah, I’m putting no pressure on myself with Sober. If fics that don’t update for weeks or months bother you too much to bear… feel free to ignore it ;) It’s definitely going to be a non-priority for me.

I’m aiming for chapters of 4-5k, and I’ll try not to spring any big cliffhangers. That would suck, huh ;) I can’t promise anything, cos hey, I don’t outline. I have a vague idea where I’m going, but I’m just gonna let the story drag me and see where I end up. One thing I do want to do is challenge myself not to avoid conflict. I do that in RL, and I’ve recently noticed I tend to do it when i write as well, and so my characters tend to be nice to each other all the time, and there is lots of pink fluffy gerbils bouncing around the rolling meadows, angst notwithstanding o’course.

And yeah, I’ve gone against the spirit of the contest Sober was written for (No Bella) and written Bella in. I’m trying not to make her annoying, though she will be the source of at least some conflict. So I have a chapter and a half now, and I’m kinda stalled in the middle of the half. I know where I’m going though. And if I can get my normal beta-geniuses to look at a chapter once I’ve gone over it myself (it’s still ugly first drafty), then I guess it’ll turn up at some stage. SSE is a priority, and those girls are busy with other people’s stuff, so I fully intend to tell them to stick it at the bottom of their lists. Beginning how I mean to continue ;)

So, yeah, if you’re interested, put Sober on alert, just don’t expect regular updates ;)

Hideously short attention span…

I have, like, no less than 5 fics currently in varying stages of completion. No, 6, if you count my nano rewrite. Holy fuck. The latest to take hold of my throat and threaten to throttle me if I don’t write it, is Sober. Yep, it insists on being extended.

Sober is a one shot I did for the No Bella Allowed contest. It won second place Judges Pick and third place Host’s Pick.  And I thought it was complete. I wasn’t going back there, at all. And yet…

I blame a reviewer who shoved a couple plot bunnies down my throat ;)

So, yeah. Probably it’ll be a couple or three additional chapters (I so don’t want to be starting an epic, or even another novella length fic). I want it done, over with, so I can go back to my steampunk.

If you’re interested, you might wanna add Sober to your story alerts. I don’t know when it’s gonna be finished and updated.