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Adoption Fic: Human Chased by a Wolf

Adoption Fic

I’m having a bit of a clean out, and I’m finding a lot of fic I started and never did anything with. So I’m going to chuck some of the pieces up here, list them on Happy Tales Plot Bunny Adoption Center (LJ community) in hopes that someone will give them a home and a life. No point them wasting away on my hard drive, potentially getting lost in a failure.

It’s all first draft (or zero draft, in some cases, beware epic typos and markdown!) stuff, so please don’t judge me too harshly.  Any and all of it is completely editable, the adopter gets free reign within the scope of the licence.

I’m CC licencing them, licences will possibly vary depending on how much of the source material went into them (fuck all and I’ll allow commercial use, quite a bit and I’m sorry, I can’t condone making money off fanfic, KWIM?).

Human Chased by a Wolf

POV character runs from a wolf through woods and an abandoned house and is caught, but the wolf turns out to be his lover. Incomplete from the beginning of the sex scene. 622 words.

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Love, Hate, Elation and Despair: I Finished a Story.

Well, that Teen Wolf story I started back after NaNo ended is now drafted. What I hoped would take me a week and come out about 10k actually took me a month and wound up over 30k. That’s fairly epic for me, and the editing of it is looming all scary and dark over my head.

Particularly for longer stuff, that’s par for the course for me. Whether I’ve outlined myself stupid or not (which I did this time), there’s always some retconning (my word to mean there’s stuff I have to go back and fix to fit the rest of the story) to be done, and way more than general SPaG, it scares the beejeebus out of me.

So I’m chuffed to have taken the story all the way to the end, but simply dreading the edit job. Of course, once it’s all done, I’ll look back and wonder WTF I was worried about.

Hoping to get it all done by February. Cross your fingers for me, shake your pompoms. Ta :)

Oh, it’s called Stronger in Numbers, or, And Will He Starve Without Me (cos I couldn’t decide, but we’ll just call it SiN for short, shall we?). It’ll go up here and on AO3 when it’s done.


So, I got bit by the Teen Wolf bug. About halfway through NaNo (and I still haven’t written that NaNo wrap up post) it hit me when I was taking some time out to watch Teen Wolf over again.

Sigh. Derek. Sigh. Stiles. They’re just OMFGPERFECT, aren’t they?


Anyway, it bit me so bad that my NaNo faltered and I had to ban myself from Teen Wolf till the end of the month. But post NaNo, I dived right in and now have a ridiculous collection of images in my dropbox for those late night pretty cravings.

Started a fic this morning. I’ve been planning it out for the last couple of days, and I’m ridiculously organised. Now I just have to write it. I’m hoping I can get it done inside this week, but time will tell. I have my trusty OCD word count spreadsheet, so hopefully that will drive me.

Anyway, with luck, it’ll get written and edited in a decent time frame. I’m posting my fic here on my blog as well as on AO3 nowadays, so it’ll go up here first.