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Holy Crap

Two months since I last posted, and a bunch of stuff’s happened. Okay, now’s the time for the epic catch up post and then I’ll be back on track…with any luck.

Fic I’ve posted in the last two months:

The fic formerly known as Delusional (I’m changing the name, but what to I haven’t decided yet. I’ll make that decision when I complete it)
Alec is back! AU SSEverse bday request for Seren. ‘For a moment, he’s there, and he’s real, and it’s him. I see it in the way he stands, the way his hair curls behind his ears. He’s more beautiful than my memory or an image on paper can do justice.’ Slash

Lost Boys (my CarlWard entry)
My perfect memory does him no justice. Edward is more beautiful than I remember, but he seems almost wild, in the manner the nomadic vampires often have. "I can’t bear it any longer," he whispers. "Their minds are full of depravity. It infects me." Slash.

Summary: Three under 500 word ficlets first posted in the Quickie Contest. A couple of old things I scavenged from my hard drive and one I wrote especially for the contest.

And I added an extra/chapter 2 to Sober, my first ever slash fic (and OMFG AH E/J).

In other news, along with venis-envy, mynameisserendipity, and sapphirescribe, I started the VampSlash blog and contest. This is wicked scary, ‘cause I’m THE most unorganised person on the planet, but thankfully the other girls haven’t tossed me out on my ass for being a slacker yet.

And what am I doing right now? Well, I’m writing a little thing for the summer edition of the Twilight No Stress Love Fest. Once that’s done I’ll be diving right back into (the fic formerly known as) Delusional.

I’ll try to be a better blogger from now on, I promise…


New Story: Brain Freeze

Now that the polls are closed and the names are out, I get to post my No Stress Love Fest submission: Brain Freeze.

Summary: Jake gives Edward a very special gift, and gets something unexpected in return. Flash fiction. Jakeward. AU. Slash. NC-17.

A/N: This is a lot lighter than my usual stuff. I wrote it for the Twilight No Stress Love Fest, hosted on LiveJournal by naelany and OnTheTurningAway. The prompt was:

What do you do to make Valentine’s Day special for someone who has everything, and can afford anything…and you cannot?

Serendipity pre-read, and Dellaterra beta’d, and they are both beyond wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the LJ posting of this :D

Here it is on FFn or TwiWrite.

Now I want to know who guessed me right! That’s your cue to comment ;)

The Twilight No Stress Love Fest

Yeah, I know, I’m not supposed to be here. But by the time I get back off my little break, the fest will be coming to a close, so I thought I’d sneak back in and ramble about it a bit.

The Twilight No Stress Love Fest is the creation of Naelany and OnTheTurningAway,  and is a refreshing change from the abundance of contests the fandom always has going on. It’s not a contest, there are no judges or scoring, no voting, and no winners. It’s for writers AND artists, so everyone can get involved. For fics, the minimum word count is 500 words (yay!). Genre, pairing, rating, is all open. There are a ton of love/Valentine’s themed prompts to choose from or mix and match to create your submission. The fest is anonymous, and there will be a poll after the fics/images are posted where we can attempt to guess the author/artist.

Here’s the dates (blatantly swiped from the fest community):

January 9:  Announcement & prompts posted to the fest community.
February 10:  Submissions must be received 11:59 PM PDT.  Early submissions are welcome and appreciated!
February 14:  All submissions will be posted anonymously by the mods and made available for reading.  Enjoy!
February 28:  Guessing Poll opens.  Try to match your favorite fic/art with the author/artist.
March 7:  Last day for Guessing Poll.
March 10:  Reveals!

See I think this is a great idea. Not gonna lie, contests freak me the hell out, and it doesn’t matter if it’s anonymous or open. People are judging me O.O Now my dad would say ‘it’s just real life’. Bleugh. I write fanfiction for fun, and yeah, to ‘hone my art’ so to speak. But I’m more comfortable doing that in a non-judgy environment ;) Or, at least, in a non-public-judgy environment. I had a lot of fun doing the Make the Yuletwi’d Gay slash exhange, so I think I’m going to have to give this Valentine’s Day fest a go.

Gonna join me?