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I’ve Jumped Fandoms


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It’s not so unusual. Lots of us write for more than one fandom, and I know many many authors who write both twific and HPfic, but I feel as if this moment is a kind of turning point for me.

I wrote completed a Harry Potter fanfiction.

Yeah, I started this fic way back… February? It’s a gift fic, for my darling venis-envy, but it took me a while as I was doing it in fits and starts, and I’d get distracted by something else, I would get disheartened (because I don’t know the canon, I’ve never written in that fandom before, I’d read something by Sara’s Girl and decide my shit wasn’t worth the paper it was written on) etc etc.

But thanks to NaNoWriMo, I completed it today. Yep, I finished my NaNo novel a few days ago, and then lost for something to make up my 50k word count, I grabbed my long neglected HPDM fic and kept on writing.

And I finished it *dances* I’m sure venis-envy is doing a little dance herself. That’s gotta be the longest wait for a birthday fic ever (I’m just gonna hide now, because I still have a WIP going on that was originally for mynameisserendipity for her birthday, and a one-shot that needs editing for sapphirescribe’s birthday. I obviously suck at birthdays).

So. Um, yeah. If you’re into Harry/Draco fics, watch this space :) I’ll probably post it as a one-shot because it’s only around 16k. It’s angsty and porny. Surprise suprise ;)

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WTF Am I Doing?

Just a quick little post to say that I posted an A Madness Most Discreet extra today. I’m calling it a ‘betweentake’ because it comes in ‘between’ part 1 and part 2 ;) It’s filthy, and terribly un-PC, but it’s almost twice the length of one of my normal chapters. If you look closely, you might get the chance to prompt the next AMMD betweentake as JasperLuver48 did this time around.

Now that I’ve done that, I’ve got a one shot to polish for the Halloween Fest and some betaing to do. I’m finding myself reluctant to start another writing project so close to NaNo, which is ridiculous because I have almost 3 weeks—that’s like 35k in NaNo terms ;)

Keep your Halloween Fest fics coming in. These will post between 11pm and midnight on the 31st of October so I’m scheduling them all as they come in because at midnight on the 31st I’ll be getting ready to start NaNoWriMo!

And I got an email today from AlwaysWriteWithYourHeart about the TwiSlash Library. She’s making a video and will be using some of my fic banners in it, so… yay!

Fic Update: A Madness Most Discreet Chapter 8

While I’m here I had to show off my shiny new banner for this story, kindly made for me by Raggdoll of Twilight.

Clicky for Chapter 8 on FFn | AO3 | TwiWrite

Fic Update: Déjà Vu

Chapter 4 was posted yesterday on FFn, and I’ve just added it to TwiWrite and AO3.

I’ve been handing out the wrong link for The Twifestivals for the last week or so. Oops. Click here to go direct to the voting form. I got a few nominations, and my Lost Boys Crazyward is up against venis-envy’s Edward from The Other Side of Night (the fic she wrote for my birthday <3) for Best Edward. You should go vote for your faves and support the writers who share their stories with you for nothing but love. Show your love :D

Fic update: A Madness Most Discreet (and some other important stuff)

Chapter 5 is up now on TwiWrite and Archive of our Own. (ETA: it’s now on Fanfiction.net as well)


Hey, while I’m here, I got nominated in the Twifestivals! Edward from Lost Boys got nom’d for Best Vamp, and I got nom’d for Best Angst Author, Best Blogger/Tweeter, and (OMMFG) Best All-Time Author O.O

And my venis-envy got her Edward from The Other Side of Night nom’d for Best Vamp too! This is the fic she wrote for my birthday!

Here are the nominated fics and authors, and you can go here to vote! Please do. Support the slash authors that share their stories with you for nothing more than a little love :D

This is the end – Say Something Else final chapter posted

I am both ecstatic and kinda sad.


Say Something Else Update

Chapter 11 is up: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5856702/11/Say_Something_Else