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I’ve Jumped Fandoms


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It’s not so unusual. Lots of us write for more than one fandom, and I know many many authors who write both twific and HPfic, but I feel as if this moment is a kind of turning point for me.

I wrote completed a Harry Potter fanfiction.

Yeah, I started this fic way back… February? It’s a gift fic, for my darling venis-envy, but it took me a while as I was doing it in fits and starts, and I’d get distracted by something else, I would get disheartened (because I don’t know the canon, I’ve never written in that fandom before, I’d read something by Sara’s Girl and decide my shit wasn’t worth the paper it was written on) etc etc.

But thanks to NaNoWriMo, I completed it today. Yep, I finished my NaNo novel a few days ago, and then lost for something to make up my 50k word count, I grabbed my long neglected HPDM fic and kept on writing.

And I finished it *dances* I’m sure venis-envy is doing a little dance herself. That’s gotta be the longest wait for a birthday fic ever (I’m just gonna hide now, because I still have a WIP going on that was originally for mynameisserendipity for her birthday, and a one-shot that needs editing for sapphirescribe’s birthday. I obviously suck at birthdays).

So. Um, yeah. If you’re into Harry/Draco fics, watch this space :) I’ll probably post it as a one-shot because it’s only around 16k. It’s angsty and porny. Surprise suprise ;)

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The Very Best Thing About Fandom

Despite the occasional drama and backbiting, this is a good place to be. We get awesome stuff to read for free. We get to share our shit with hundreds of fantastic readers who give us feedback and help us improve. We meet the most amazing people that we might never have had a chance to meet.

For me, the people are by far the best thing about fandom. I wouldn’t be here without the support and love and encouragement I’ve received from so many of you. I got dragged into fandom when I was happily writing original fiction, and I stayed. It’ll be two years soon O.o

I could list hundreds of people I’ve met since I’ve been here who have influenced me in some way—but that would be epic. All for avoiding the epic, me ;) There is ultimately a very small group of fandom people that are most important to me, who keep me here, or keep me writing, or who I can trust to understand me when no one else in the world does.


tjbaby was one of the girls who dragged me into fanfiction, and I wasn’t exactly kicking and screaming. She’s a big part of the reason I’m here. Thank you, darling! She’s also the only one of this bunch that I’ve met in real life (cos she’s the only one who doesn’t live on the opposite side of the world).

Kerry Freeman keeps trying to drag me OUT of fandom ;) I met her here though, so she belongs in my favourite fandom people post. Kerry takes the blame for getting me addicted to Junjo Romantica and fountain pens. She’s going to be the one I cling to when I finally get my shit together and finish those three original novels and attempt to get them published. We NaNo’d together last year, and while my NaNovel languishes unloved on my hard drive, hers is being published by Loose Id very soon.

Serendipity and I bonded over Antinous and deviance. I can tell that girl anything and she won’t squick. She had me reading shit I never thought I’d read. She’s my reality check, my honest to god tell me if it sucks girl, my brainstorm buddy with a wealth of crazy ideas. She’s embarking on a whole new adventure now, but she still pops in from time to time, and one day we’ll write that fic together that will blow everyone away because it’ll be that epic. I’m looking forward to it :D

Dellaterra is my beta. I only have one. She comments my shit out the wazoo, and I like it. She’s cheerleader, inspiration, and hard-ass editor all in one. In addition to being an amazing beta, her writing is impeccable. That’s why I trust her with mine. You need to read her latest slash fic, My Version of Heaven. It’s AH, it’s E/J, and it’s real. Do it now, and leave her a review.

Finally, my sweet, my heart, my venis-envy. She’s Draco to my Harry. We are the OTP. We go beyond fic-wives and fandom friends. She’s crossed over to the HP fandom and writes the most wonderful HPDM fics now and sometimes it hits me that I was there the first time she wrote twislash, and I just go O.o She is brilliant, and beautiful, and sweet, and filthy, and I love her. I love her random email subject lines and her Fucker Droid. I love her blankie tents and her not-Niki-safe tweets. I love her rants and the way she listens to mine. I love that she loves me, paranoia, snark, passive aggressiveness, tall poppy syndrome and all. No words can really convey how much she means to me. One day, chick. The blue kool aid *nods* When we check out, we check out together (before you all freak, we have a fandom-flounce-pact).

Fic Update: Déjà Vu

Chapter 4 was posted yesterday on FFn, and I’ve just added it to TwiWrite and AO3.

I’ve been handing out the wrong link for The Twifestivals for the last week or so. Oops. Click here to go direct to the voting form. I got a few nominations, and my Lost Boys Crazyward is up against venis-envy’s Edward from The Other Side of Night (the fic she wrote for my birthday <3) for Best Edward. You should go vote for your faves and support the writers who share their stories with you for nothing but love. Show your love :D

Fic update: A Madness Most Discreet (and some other important stuff)

Chapter 5 is up now on TwiWrite and Archive of our Own. (ETA: it’s now on Fanfiction.net as well)


Hey, while I’m here, I got nominated in the Twifestivals! Edward from Lost Boys got nom’d for Best Vamp, and I got nom’d for Best Angst Author, Best Blogger/Tweeter, and (OMMFG) Best All-Time Author O.O

And my venis-envy got her Edward from The Other Side of Night nom’d for Best Vamp too! This is the fic she wrote for my birthday!

Here are the nominated fics and authors, and you can go here to vote! Please do. Support the slash authors that share their stories with you for nothing more than a little love :D

Vamp’s Pet Hates

Okay, please don’t lynch me. I will say in advance that if you are in the habit of doing any of the following things, if what I have to say hurts your feelings, I’m sorry for that, but I’m not sorry for disliking any of these habits/clichés.

First Person Point of View Switch

This one is almost an insta-flounce for me these days. It annoys me so much that it makes it very hard for me to continue reading what may otherwise be a very enjoyable story.

What it is: The narrator changes in the middle of a chapter or one shot, usually denoted by ‘BellaPOV’ or similar at the switch.

Why I hate it: I’ve spent all this time in Edward’s head. I like it there. I don’t want to suddenly be thrust into someone else. At best it pulls me out of the story. At worst I end up utterly confused as to who is telling the story.

What to do instead: If you absolutely cannot do it in one POV, use third person (but don’t head-hop). If you absolutely must write in first person, switch only at chapter breaks, and then only if you absolutely have to.

I’m not fucking perfect: I have a WIP with a POV switch at chapter break. I’m determined to one day finish it, but to be honest, I kinda hate it now because I don’t know who I am.

Where I’ve read it done well: Breaking Dawn. One POV switch, at not just a chapter break, but a ‘book’ break, and it was for a bloody good reason. Another switch back into the original POV at a similarly appropriate time. Also BRONZE by mothlights for very similar reasons.

Quotes From the Books or Movies Inserted into Fic

Eyeroll-inducing if it actually fits seamlessly into your story. Insta-flounce if it doesn’t fit, ‘cause it sticks out like a sore thumb and makes me go O.o <—that’s my WTF face, by the way.

What it is: “Say it. Out loud. Say it!” You with me? Good.

What to do instead: Just don’t. God, please don’t. Unless you can surprise me with an original twist on the line, come up with your own damn material.

I’m not fucking perfect: Actually I do this all the time, but I steal from Joss Whedon when I quote.

Where I’ve read it done well: All My Secrets by venis-envy.

I stood to introduce myself properly to the lady. "Um…sophomore, design major, Jasper Whitlock, ma’am."

Head Hopping in Third Person Limited

Way to confuse the vamp. “Hang on, who was having dirty thoughts? Was it him… or the other guy?” *reads whole paragraph again*

What it is: The characters head that we are in switches without notice in the middle of a scene, paragraph… or sentence? O.o

What to do instead: Look up third person limited and third person omniscient. Use one or the other. Not both. Switch at scene breaks or at the very most, paragraph breaks. Being aware of whose head you are in and being focused on that characters thoughts, feelings, and experiences should keep you focused. If you get distracted easily, get a beta who can see head hopping to help you fix your drafts.

I’m not fucking perfect: Actually, I kinda am. I’ve never head-hopped as far as I know, though I rarely write third person. My NaNo ‘09 might be a bit dizzy-making with the switches in POV from scene to scene over six different characters though.

Where I’ve read it done well: Sorry, I’ve got nothing.

Telling Me Stuff I Already Know

I have read the Twilight Saga. That’s kinda why I’m here.

What it is: Unnecessary exposition is what it is. Anything that details events that happened in canon at length is utterly yawn-worthy. I don’t understand why anyone would waste time re-writing it when we’ve already read it.

What to do instead: Give me just barely enough information to indicate when in canon we are so I know the jump off point of your fic. Barely. Same thing works for recalling or referencing previous events. Don’t assume your readers haven’t read the saga, and don’t assume they are completely stupid.

I’m not fucking perfect: I could be. I’m an inordinately lazy writer, and so anything I don’t have to write, I don’t. If there’s one of my fics where I do this, I’d love to have it pointed out to me.

Where I’ve read it done well: Nope, drawing a blank.

*ducks* @BbEyedGirl made me do it. I’m bound to offend someone with this post, but it says over there –> somewhere that I’m opinionated and fic-snarky, so, umm, yeah. In the words of Joss Whedon (via Cordelia Chase): Tact is just not saying true stuff.