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Slash list updated…

Finally! I’m slowly getting through the urls I hoarded all through November, I’ve still got a ton to look at, but since I’ve been slowly adding to the html file on my computer I thought I might as well update the list.

Canon/AU Slash List

As ever, send me links to canon and AU slash that isn’t on the list, I don’t care if it’s your fic or someone elses as long as it’s not all human!

And if you find any dead links, let me know so I can fix them!


I think I can, I think I can…

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Since I’m all about the lists and spreadsheets and crossing stuff off said lists lately I thought I should make a wee one of those in regards to all the fanfic stuff I HAVE to do and soon.

And I’m putting it here, cos here is a whole lot prettier more permanent than a torn and coffee stained piece of paper on my desk that will then get lost and/or thrown away :D

  • Yuletwi’d fic to revise/edit/get beta’d (deadline approaches *flail*)
  • Update the Canon/AU Slash List (I have a month long backlog of fics to review)
  • Alec POV SSE outtake that I promised to the reviewers who pushed me over the 500 threshhold
  • Probably should write some more Beautiful Dangerous…

Slowly but surely…

Canon/AU fic list update

Added recently:

Misguided Angel (human Edward/vamp Jasper) by goldenmeadow, author of the epic Dead Confederates.

Fire in the Blood, a dark Sethward from the author of Once we were Kings, sweetp-1.

Slash list update

I’ve just updated the canon/AU slash list with a vamp/vamp and a wolf/wolf story by the same author, Agarwaenloth. Darkest Night is an Edward/Jasper story, and Burning Fire is a Sam/Jacob story. Both are set in the same universe, and are very nicely written.

Leave some love, these are both under-the-radar stories, and deserve so many more reviews.

Vamp and wolf slash wanted.

I’m making a list of good canon and AU vamp and wolf slash fics. I’ve plundered my faves list, but I’m sure there’s stuff I’ve missed.

Here’s what I have so far. If you know of something that’s not on there, even if it’s your own, please tweet or gchat or email or comment me a link :D